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PHOINIX ADÁMAS, we are a company oriented to consulting, engineering, manufacturing, repair and maintenance of metalworking products, automation, promoting the development of the industrial, mining, naval, agricultural and construction sectors of Colombia, representing it nationally and internationally.


To be recognized in the national and international market as an alliance that is reborn to comply with the standards of continuous improvement, safety, quality and friendliness with the environment; always counting on a work team dedicated to meeting the needs of our partners.

Products and services


Phoinix Adámas specializes in providing engineering design solutions, providing solutions in re-design, retro-engineering in large industries nationally and internationally.


Phoinix Adámas meets the highest quality and safety standards when executing projects.

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Sabanagrande, Atlántico, Colombia
Calle 11 16-1580 Zona A1 Villa Celina

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Phone : +57 3154272073

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